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Laughter in the Workplace: Why HR Professionals Should Join in on the Fun.

There’s an old Yiddish proverb that says, “What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul”. And it’s certainly true. Laughter is refreshing, soothing, and it often reminds us that no matter how bad things are in our lives, we can still find joy and happiness even in the smallest things. I strongly believe that the same principles hold true when it comes to laughter in the workplace.

Especially for us HR professionals. Given the ever-changing nature of the profession, HR professionals always manage to have something to worry about. And because this is meant to be a light hearted and encouraging article, I don’t think any of you HR professionals reading this are looking for any reminders of the things that keep us up at night.

There are many articles and books written about the importance of laughter in the workplace and its link to employee engagement. They tend to be geared towards teaching us how to create a culture of laughter for our employees, but they are written as though they don’t want HR to be included in on all the fun! We only need to create it for others! What’s up with that!?

Laughter is not just for employees, but as HR professionals, laughter is good for us both personally and professionally. So, here are three reasons why you need to join in on laughter that will leave tears running down your professional and compliant faces.

1. It Will Increase Your Value as an HR Professional

HR has come a long way when it comes to creating a positive work culture for our employees. However, in the process of trying to make the workplace better for others, I think HR professionals have forgotten to allow themselves to have fun and be “engaged”.

Allowing ourselves to laugh with our employees not only reminds employees that we are also human, but it reinforces the fact that HR is not always the bad guy. Laughter increases your value as an HR professional because it also creates trust and shows employees that you care more than about their performance reviews.

Something about laughter frees us to loosen up and break barriers to success. Laughter increase your value as an HR professional because it allows you to focus on your own employee engagement and be your best self.

2. You Empower Your Employees to Be Their Best

When we’re stressed, laughter helps us see things from a different perspective. It allows us to breathe and gives us a sense of hope despite negative things that might be going on around us. Laughter also helps HR professionals empower employees to be their best.

We often think that the best ways to empower employees to be their best is through better training, compensation, benefits, performance reviews and better process improvement.

While all those things are good tools to help empower employees, it does not replace the value of good, light hearted conversations and laughter alongside our employees. Laughing with your employees reduces burnout and encourages collaboration. So, empower yourselves with laughter and make it contagious with your employees!

3. You Wake Up with a Desire to Go to Work Each Day

Many HR professionals face burn out and struggle with feeling they’re not making a positive impact in the lives their companies and employees. Learning to laugh with your employees reinforces your value as an HR professional and encourages you to keep going. Laughter inspires HR professionals to wake up with a desire to go to work and serve their companies and employees well. It may not always be easy, but laughter sure does make it a lot more fun and positive.

So, come out of the office HR and get a good laugh in! Because employee engagement, also includes you! And you matter!

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