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Our courses, workshops, and leadership training are designed to help you deepen your understanding of the HR function and its strategic impact on the business world. As a result, you will be better equipped to build a more positive and high performing work culture at your own organization!

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Custom  Training and Workshops

Our custom training and workshops are designed to help businesses improve their talent management strategy. Training and workshop topics include performance management, total rewards, talent acquisition,  employee retention and employee engagement and more! You tell us what topics you want covered and we will create and facilitate a customized training!

Fundamentals of Human Resources Course Series

Are you an HR professional who is new to the profession? Or you an entrepreneur or small business owner ready to grow your team? If this sounds like you, deepen your knowledge of basic HR best practices and concepts. From Fundamentals of Human Resources, Fundamentals of Total Rewards, to more strategic HR courses, our courses are not short, sweet and to the point but are designed to help you think through talent management concepts and practices in order to improve the employee experience at your own company.

New Manager Training

Whether you've just receive a big promotion that puts you in charge of leading your first team or just new to leadership in general, our New Manager Training Program gives you the tools you need to be a great leader. 
Our program covers many basic leadership topics such as Creating a Culture of Coaching, Having Difficult Conversations, etc. Our hands on approach helps you work through barriers and build on your strengths.


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